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Sight Line:   50.8mm (2")

System Depth:   114.3mm (4 1/2")

Thermal Break:   26.0mm (1") polyamide

4300 Storefront Framing
  • Thermal broken performance

  • Options to exterior glazing or interior glazing

  • Rain screen system

  • Hidden screws design

  • EPDM seal gaskets on exterior and interior

  • Setting for double glazing and single sheet glazing

  • Flexible to custom design and unlimited integration to standard and/or any sizes of vents and doors


Double Glazed: 25.4mm (1") IGU

Single Sheet Glazed: From 6mm to 10mm

                                   (From 1/4" to 3/8")


Product designation                                              Class CW-PG70

Air Leakage Resistance                                       <0.1 L/s/m2 (<0.01 cfm/ft2) @ 75 Pa (1.60 psf)

Water Penetration Resistance                              720 Pa (15.04 psf)

Uniform Load Deflection                                       Design 3360 Pa (70.2 psf)               

Uniform Load Structural                                        Design: 3360 Pa (70.2 psf)

                                                                              Maximum: 5070 Pa (105.3 psf)

Forced-entry Resistance                                       F10 rating

U-factor                                                                See U-factor Table       

For CAD details and test reports, please contact your sales representatives.
Products   >   Storefront   >  4300 Storefront

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